Saturday@The Museum

Program Overview

On the third Saturday of each month, the Museum of Texas Tech University offers Saturday@The Museum, a drop-in program for families of all ages, with each month highlighting one of the Museum’s exhibits. Families are encouraged to visit and explore the exhibit on their own, though museum staff are also on hand to facilitate and explain as necessary.

Museum of Texas Tech University

Saturday@The Museum began in January 2010. While participants during the early months had stumbled upon the program by chance, it has since built up a following of families who attend on a regular basis. In addition to visiting the exhibition, participants then do a related activity. Past themes have included “A No-Sew Quilting Bee,” “The Art of Origami,” “Turning Wood into Art,” “The Art of Printmaking,” “The Power of Polar Bears,” “Start with Art!,” “Body-building with Mark Sijan,” and “N.C. Wyeth and the Art of Illustration.” The Museum’s broad collections in the arts, humanities, and sciences, combined with a regularly changing exhibition schedule, ensure that a wide range of topics can be covered, providing consistently new material from month to month.

Program at a Glance

Museum of Texas Tech University

  • Date of Program: Third Saturday of every month
  • Target age group: All ages
  • Number of attendees: Varies from 30-100 per session
  • Cost to attendees: Free
  • One time program, repeated, or hope to repeat: Started in January 2010 and repeated monthly
  • Material costs: About $100-200 per month
  • Non-material costs: Staff
  • Number of Facilitators required: One staff member and 2-3 student assistants or volunteers
  • Staff resources needed (hours) to develop: 10-20 hours per month

Tangible Takeaways

Look for unserved audiences in your community. While Lubbock offers a variety of outdoor attractions, museum educators noticed that there weren’t many attractions that families with small children could visit regardless of weather or season. Saturday@The Museum caters to these families, offering indoor activities for young families.

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